Silent Flight

Your song is a dead end glistening
(And I knew)
Your sheen will fade with the passage of time
(That it wouldn't be the last time)
Moonlight has a limit and that
(That you walk through the door with that look upon your face)
Has seemed to stop you times before
(All the things I have to say are so far gone)

They came to see you lady
Step back and rewind
Put those clothes on that don't go out of style

Do you know?
Do you know how to let go?

Silhouette to the sky
You've been flying upside down for a while

They came to see you baby
Sit back and unwind
Take those clothes off 'cause they're so out of style

Lord, I'm falling down
Oh, she's climbing now

The Return (Who's Leaving Who?)

I'm sweating off these past five years
Got to get my head on just right
Think about you sometimes
A little help from my last six beers
Maybe I should go for a drive
Cigarette, fix the rear view mirror

And I don't think it's cold outside
My jacket will be fine if it stays right there
If it stays right there

I told you that I'd call for a ride
Had to pick my head up to lie
Who's leaving who tonight?
And oh you piss me off 'cause you're always right
Isn't it insane how we try?
You're toxic too, we've been through this

I beg you all the time

Down here time stands still
It's too small of a town
Forget us all
(Back again for the last time)
(Just can't make it on the radio)
Doomed to fall in
(The absent minded future)
(Keeps on making all the same mistakes)

It's gonna take at least five years
Got to get my life goin' just right
I'll probably visit you sometimes
A little hell never killed my dreams
Maybe I should fix up my ride
I think I quit, ditch the rear view mirror

This is not a life

Said I'd never quit, but you make it hard to leave
Back again for the third time, doomed to fall in

I"ll hang it up right there


I don't know what to say to these flames burning higher
I don't know where these bad moods are from
But then you walk through the door
I feel inspired
Palm collecting our rainfall desires
And you drip onto the floor as I admire
I admire

Frozen around my throat
Your fingers are so cold
Can't escape the hold, but baby I don't (want to)
Don't need no chemicals
On you I've overdosed
At it all summer long
Just want to keep this going

I don't know how to say this
But I can't wait much longer
We should go (straight)
To the depths of this experimental love
But then you sweat through my pores
Our love perspires
Hand collected this peace of mind, yeah
And you drip onto the floor as I admire
I admire


His name was gold to her
Steady as things were
She'll try her best towards
Making it work
What would you sacrifice?
What would you give?
To make it your second chance
A place to relive

Catching dreams in a jar
Some might be too far so remember
We all go back
Back to elements
Gold's just a color
A rock to be pawned
And without a reason our hearts can't
Respond to the sound

Tarnished, he's on a whim
Asking how to grow
Knows he's not good enough
To put on a show
What would you break tonight?
Take and not give
To make her heart say goodbye
Your love is not his

That metallic taste
It was nature's warning
Something's got to give
And hold on as she would
He had to change

The Last Thing I Want To Do Is Hurt You, but It's Still on the List

Came here to die
No sense trying to talk me down
Made up my mind
I'm alright

Since we've had all night
You should know the story
Since we've got no fight
You should just go home, home

I know life goes on slowly
It's just that I don't dream no more

Came here to lie
No truth can survive in here
They clipped my brainstem
Making sure it never flowers again

Last night I dreamed
I deamt you were dead
Last night I dreamed
I dreamt that I felt something

Came here to fight
No backing off it ends right here
These fists can rain down
And I never want to see you again

Shallow Graves

Blades will spin and steps will follow
On the ground
Single file to avoid a problem
Lilly white they go speeding by
It must be the end
To the faces of our friends
Then it all begins

People win and changes follow
This they've found
Been a while and I can't swallow

There's so much beating here inside
Can't stop the trend
Our hearts can't mend
But it depends

On how close you are
When you're walking towards the sun
When you get there, just keep going
Because you're not the tallest one
Not the tallest one

Ok, so let me get this straight
Proper people's pens to our problems
But do they do this too?
Said I was just too good for you
It never was enough for you

Walk around graves so shallow
They aren't gone
We could talk, but I do'nt know how to
Riches spoil, lovers mourn
Slow the reds
Bury our dead


I use both hands to keep yours warm
I weathered storms to find you safe inside
You had a fire all your own
It was kindled with flesh and bone

I used to tire of falling short
I'd rather start than find you at the finish line
You weren't so tired oh no
That's becuase you just stood there
And never lest at all

I used to trace these colored lines
I matted my face to find you safe inside, safe inside
You had a background of your own
It felt like home when I was home alone
When I was home alone

Well now
I've figured it out
I'm fucking better off alone
Stop telling us
We can't beat
You're just mad
'Cause your knuckles will bleed again

You can catch these


Mayday, the wicker man hangs his head
He's been fooled again
Mayday, can't come soon enough
It's a trial by fire

Sulis comes
She's keeping me awake
I'm a willing sacrifice
Tortured, heat runs
The animals scream their last
Smoke fills my lungs

As I fade away
All that I tried to say
Falls on the deaf ears of organized crime

Soon, death comes
They're keeping me awake
I'm the willing sacrifice
I don't think I'll run
This prayer will be my last
Heard by no one

As I fade away
All that I tried to say
Falls on the deaf ears of faith

You left me no clue
And now I'm bound
With rope, doused in gasoline

Ghost Ship

Inception to your line
It's cast
Follow the weight down
Captain your own wreck
Press on
Red light on your neck
Eliminate a pattern breathes
A pattern that breeds

If you don't help out
You'll drown with filth and fur
Don't pass out the waves right to your core
(Sink beneath the waves of your fear)
Down with the ghost, down with the ghost
(Safe beneath the weight of lost years)

You know waves will take you
And they'll tear you down
You can't reach them all but
You could try to kill them all

Now, I see red
How could you?